Not today

I passed the histology with a 4/5, but failed the anatomy theoretical exam. Dayym! Lazy me! I ended up being short of time to cover all the material so I had to choose on leaving out either the topics on the heart or those containing the development of the urogenital system... I studied the heart. So I knew I had a 25% chance to pick a urogenital topic, but it was too late to deregister or anything like that so I just gave luck a chance. But then I got the prostate and the seminal vesicle. Baahh... so I failed. Fair enough. But I'm confident that I will have time to cover the last material now before my B-chance that I will take in the coming week. This will be my first B-chance :S

My plan was to go to the gym after the exam today but I feel like I've caugt some virus... sometimes when I don't sleep properly I do get that feeling... so maybe if I get a good night sleep I won't have developed a state of disease tomorrow? That would mean me = straight to the gym!

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