PMS; very prevalent today...

STOP! If you are a guy reading - PMS does not equal menstrual period. OK? PMS stands for "premenstrual syndrome" and occurs 5 - 1 days BEFORE the menstrual period. It has nothing to do with pain, blood or nastiness as such. Thus, a girl declaring PMS is not providing you with "too much information". Perhaps information that could be rather useful.

PMS is such a strange thing... me, I can really feel it. I sense it like it's not a real part of me... but something inside me that takes control. Like some sort of animal. It almost itches.

Yesterday I looked at Dennis and thought that he was beautiful and started sobbing. Yes, just because I thought he was beautiful. Right now my neighbors are singing some sort of kareoke and I'm trying to upload pictures from the past week... the mouse is double-clicking constantly and internet is acting super slow too. All of this is VERY annoying. How disturbing...

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