So, I studied like 30% of what I planned for this weekend. Hopefully still enough for my pathology SCT on Tuesday, and BST SCT on Wednesday :S

I woke up extreeemely late today, around 2PM. Slept like a log, as we say in Sweden... I think it's because I went to gym on Friday, then unexpectedly to some Brazilian house party with Maria and Eleni, and then to gym again the following morning with Eleni and Bendy. Yes because we decided a long time ago that we should go on Saturday morning. Needless to say I'm still quite sore... what a great weekend though! Friday evening was truly an adventure.

The weather has been amazing this weekend with sunlight and temperatures above 20 degrees C! Dennis and I checked out the botanical garden next to the University this afternoon and it was very beautiful, with the colourful autumn leaves and then the sunset.

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