Don't know HOW I'm going to learn enough for tomorrow's SCT in immunology.

Made Lecsó soup today, something very Hungarian. Soo simple and yummy! Cut fine pieces of an onion, fry together with sausage or bacon, and a little garlic. Meanwhile chop up and add about three pale paprikas, one red bell pepper and three tomatoes. Add salt, pepper and parsley. One dl of rice if you want. Let it cook under lid for 30 - 60 minutes. It will become a nice stew, add water if you want to make it into a soup.

While the soup was cooking I did a mini-workout here in the living room... it took 25 minutes.

6 x
- 10 push-ups (on knuckles)
- 20 sit-ups (jackknife)
- 15 air squats
- 20 lying leg lifts

I feel like I have more energy to squeeze in some knowledge into my head now... much worth the little time it took me. Sorryy I forgot to take a picture of the soup hahah. Doesn't it sound nice though!? Hey when I'm pumped I almost have visible abs!! Hopefully maybe by christmas they will stay visible all day...

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