All black ye

Starting pediatrics tomorrow! Looking forward to all those mysterious viruses. My favourite. Actually favourite. But buuu Dennis went to Sweden for a week. All alone HERE, for a WEEK! In other... all good.

Past week in exercise:
Mon: back, squats
Tue: shoulders, hamstrings, abs
Wed: abs, squats with empty bar, 45 min spinning (class)
Thu: restday
Fri: rest/daytrip with work
Sat: triceps, 30 min yoga, jumping lunges
Sun: squats with empty bar, 25 minutes running, abs


  1. Heyyy! :) I was wondering whether you knew anything about Stipendum Hungaricum that would let you study medicine in Debrecen, or anyone that you know who did. I just wanted to know the standards of the tests/ entrance exams that you're required to take.
    Thanks xx :D (sorry for posting this in 2 posts)

  2. Hey Nikhita! I have no idea about stipendium hungaricum, unfortunately. I was a regular paying student :P I can tell you that there is a possibility of a refund/scholarship between 10 - 20% off the tuition fee for students who get a grade average above 4,5 (maximum is 5,0) after each semester. Xxx


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