What's up. I did not die yet, but I did move to Finland! Dennis and I are currently in Pietarsaari which is pretty far north and it's cold a-f and everything is expensive a-f. I will go to Debrecen in January to take some exams but my permanent residence will be here in Finland until May, minimum. So we moved out of our appartment on Poroszlay for good which feels saaad honestly and I will miss living there and the university life.

Moving out was really hard because Dennis had already left to Finland and I had a shit virus on and off and finally hard on for almost two weeks... and I had to leave so much clothes behind. Most of it I don't miss but there are a few items that I wish could have FITTED into my suitcase but it was... full... People laughed at me at the airport due to all the clothes that I was wearing and due to the fact that I could barely move my luggage anywhere. A psycho loon. I would have been ashamed of how I looked a couple of years back, but I could not care less and I felt badass for that, haha. Is that confidence or perspective?

So I have two more weeks left at psychiatry here until I start pediatrics and I really look forward to that because then we also change appartment from this one in the ghetto to one downtown.

Soooooo. Hi!

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