Sitting on the airplane home to Sweden at this moment. (photos below added on 17.01.16)

How do I do it? Everything that I do... how do I!? I don't even know myself... but it probably makes me age faster. So annoying, take it too easy - you're aging and wasting time. Plan and multitask - age faster from stress. And die earlier...? Is there a solution for this!? When it comes down to the purpose of life, I think there's really no point with anything... except recycling... so just do what makes you happy and enjoy life the way you like it.

The semester is over and done with. I finished my last big exam this Monday and stayed a few days extra to repeat my experiments at the lab. I have three donors (dendritic cells) yeilding similar results now, so it's very exciting and I'm looking forward to composing my thesis.

I've been gym-deprived the past month which has made me so, so eager to go. It's a nice feeling. Went three days in a row straight after my exam and can't wait to workout the first thing tomorrow... Haha. I'm not tolerant with skipping gym and almost never push it aside for other things... exams or travelling are practically the only exceptions. To me exercise is just as important as eating or sleeping and no matter how busy I am I will always find time for it. I would never ask someone to skip their gym session for me :O With all known benefits of physical activity I don't understand why more people don't feel the same :)))))

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