Took some progress photos during the "sunset" today and the colours turned out so weird that I don't even know what to do with them. Aaanyways - I have two more exams to go this semester... but checked my weight at the gym the other day and was 56,9 kg's with clothes on, after breakfast. That's more than 1,5 kg's of weightloss already. I'm not even sure how I do this, but I always lose weight when I study hard. It's interesting because I make less time for sports and more time for sitting down, which also includes snacking on something.

I feel like I have to "start over" after exam periods, because I become so skinny and significantly weaker... kind of cool though what the body does to promote... brain function? And dealing with stress. I don't really like these selfies but anyhow I will hopefully be back to my previous shape in 1 - 2 months.

Past week in exercise:
Sun: chest, deadlifts
Mon: nothing
Tue: nothing
Wed: triceps, 60 minutes running (8km on treadmill)
Thu: shoulders, squats, abs
Fri: nothing
Sat: posterior everything, abs
Sun: 20 pushups and some crunches to get pumped for the photos HAHA

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