Final state

So, there, I ended up losing 2 kg's. Because the reason is stress, I feel like it's not okay... but this is the way life is and progress doesn't only take you upwards. I think this(link) was the best shape that I've ever been in, in the beginning of December just at the start of exams. My goal is to get back there and keep that, but with a bit more definition in front - because it is not as defined as my posterior, but size-wise that level is where I want to be. In other I'd like to make my training even more functional and improve my flexibility, the latter particularly. Would love to start boxing again... but I also need a driver's license (lol I'm sooo behind) and can not make time for both... i.e. the thought of it makes me more stressed than happy... and I've been in enough situations already where I didn't have a driver's license.

Those two kilos used to be a little bit of everything. My face is definitely slimmer, my abs show more, and when I squatted the other day I felt like 40 kg's was challenging. 40 kg's is usually a warm-up weight for me, so my leg muslces really took a hit from all the sitting/studying. Despite my lighter bodyweight, pullups are more diffcult too, so basically I lost tissues everywhere. And where did my butt go..? :P feel free to visit at any time, butt.

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