2015 y'all

Read last year's evaluation here(link).

Did you do something that you've never done before? I got my first salary, haha! For one month of "work" at Karolinska Institutet. Became a teacher this semester for 3rd year medical students in immunology practicals/seminars (total of 5 classes). Spent many hours in a research lab. Basically this was a good year for my CV :D

Places visited: Budapest a couple of times. Went canoeing on the Tisza river. Went to Slovakia (Kosice, over a day), and to Paris over Christmas <3. Lived in Stockholm for two weeks during the summer.

Is there something you're missing from 2015 that you would like to see more of in 2016? I would like to spend more time in Sweden and be closer to my family, which could be possible since 6th year is just around the corner (YIKES!) but me and Dennis are also thinking of doing some practice in Finland. And I would like some more partying, haha, we'll see if I can manage. And more travelling, Paris was so amazing. I just need some income ya know.

Biggest mistake? I don't know? I'm really bad at regretting things. I can think of one thing which made Dennis disappointed in me, and I regret that.

Best buy? So many but umm maybe my gym shoes? They are close-contact running shoes and I got them on sale and they are the best and I love them.

How would you describe your fashion? A bit more sophisticated compared to previous years, thank god, I was getting so sick of wearing just cotton tops and leggings (due to my schedule at uni with hospital practice every day). But don't get me wrong, I still dress very (!) casually.

How would you describe your make up? Hmm didn't wear so much make up, but spent more time filling my brows and got a countouring palette (powder, sheer) from clinique that I've been using every day. I used it in this photo but possibly a bit too much, haha.

How was your diet? It was awesome. I think I've cooked 90% of all my meals in 2015 and it has been very variable, rich in nutrients and most of all rich in fibre content which I am sooo pleased with *loving my intestines to bits*. I even started baking my own bread this year and barely bought any from the store. I love cooking though haha probably this behaviour wouldn't be possible otherwise.

Exercise? Awesooome. Apart from during exams and when I lived in Stockholm I've been able to workout 4 - 6 days a week throughout the whole year. I've done cardio every week which I'm happy about but some more wouldn't hurt. I improved my physique a lot the past year, in my opinion :)) and at last I can say that I have a little bit of abs haha. It was a struggle. They didn't show up until I started doing weighted ab-exercises. Both photos below are taken right after the winter exam period, now vs. a year ago.

Were you a good student: My grade average last semester was 4,4 and will be around 4,2 this semester I think. Firtst semester of 5th year was very busy though with everything that I took on to myself and I feel like I could have spent more of that time studying. Although, I did manage my life the best that I could to keep stress at minimum, so what is the point in regretting anything? I would have had to sacrifice something else for it... and I'm really happy that I fought for what I wanted. (reference to study-material ;P)

What books did you read? More like, which books did I NOT read, NOT. Didn't read a single novel hu-hu, but started one today (The Son by Philipp Meyer).

Did you fall in love? Yes, over and over :)


- Study more on an everyday basis, not only on weekends. NO
- Make my gym sessions more planned and effective, so that some of them can be replaced with cardio. I'm also ready to push harder at the gym. YES
- Consume more HDL lipids, and less diary products. YES
- Keep my fingers away from my skin!! NO
- I want to grow my hair another 10 - 15 cm longer :D GETTING THERE
- Learn how to relax so that stress will not affect me as much, so that I can go to sleep at proper hours. NO
- Be more tidy and prevent the apartment from looking like a warzone from time to time. A LITTLE BETTER

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