Time to study again. Hard core. There will be a lot of this in the coming weeks, I promise (myself). Yeees plenty of midterm exams all the way until the 17th of April when I'm going home to Sweden for about a week! :) I'm gonna relaaax at home, but will have to study Microbiology.

Today went on that morning jog! Did not go well.. I definitely have to do an extensive knee warm-up prior to the jog if this is going to work for me. So that means I have to wake up probably another 15 minutes earlier to have time for a jog before school... means I have to go to bed at least another 30 minutes earlier. Eager to give it a serious go!

Recieved the long sleeve running top, the colour is gorgeous. I'll share with you when I wear it :) and I just have to give Forever21 some credit for their sportswear, this is my third piece and I seriously love the quality. The price is so good too!? The tank and shorts below are also from Forever21.

My workout this week -

Mon: Thai boxing
Tue: Gym
Wed: Thai boxing
Thu: -
Fri: Gym
Sat: 2 km jog
Sun: Gym?

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