Daaay. 8 - 15 at the dept. of internal medicine to investigate.. me. I've had large retroauricular lymph nodes for more than 1,5 years and in March I discovered that I also have enlarged posterior cervical nodes... I've had night sweats in periods a couple of times during the past year, so being me and a medical student upon that, obviously can't help but thinking about Hodgkin's.

Recently read that pain after alcohol intake is very rare, but very specific for Hodgkin's. Haven't been able to let that go so yesterday I freaked a bit when I was supposed to be studying for clinical physiology. Because the only alcohol I can drink is red wine for some reason and a few coctails, all other alcoholic beverages evoke really strong pain in my chest that lasts for about an hour. I know it's super weird... has been like this for a year or so. Even 2,5% beer or cider evokes it.

Without me mentioning any hypothesis, Hodgkin's was what the Hematologist thought of too. But my blood count and blood chemistry came back normal. Chest X-ray normal. Spleen and liver size normal. The only thing that was remarked is one of the lymph nodes which was big enough to cause concern, but it is still "very small" for what it is, and the anatomical structure of it is usual. Seems to be a reactive node...

Serological results for some viruses and toxoplasma will come next week and I'm doing a chest CT on Sunday morning to further rule out Hodgkin's and maybe get a clue of the alcohol associated pain. I'm going to try to insist on a needle biopsy because even if it can't tell exactly what causes the lymphadenopathy, it could show if the tissue is reactive or contains abnormal cells. Also my mom is really pushing me haha... and I know that if I keep having enlarged nodes... which I probably will... I'm going to regret not having a biopsy done.

By the way no, I don't feel sick at all. I feel awesome actually and stronger than ever! But when I have these weird things I'd much rather investigate them rather than pretend like nothing and wait until I'm stage IV Hodgkin's with systemic symptoms ya know.

Please share your story if you have one :)

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