Muay Thai


So, tonight I just had my first Thai boxing session with a PT. Eleni hijacked me there. So far it's her, me and this very cute Hungarian guy who is our PT.

Basically what we did was a warm-up, followed by technical training (stance, kicking, punching), some core exercises and stretching. About 100 minutes.

I was so bad, haha! Can only improve from here. Thing is I may be quite fit yes, but damn I'm extremely un-flexible and I feel like my cerebellum got to work even harder than my muscles. I think it's so cool how the cerebellum learns new movements... The neurons adjust their synapses to make every single repetition more efficient and exact. Research says that it takes some 10 000 hours of training to become an expert at something.

Well I'm super excited about this :D I know nothing about kicking someone's ass and the only self-defence that I know of is running away soo...

Training will be on Mondays and Wednesdays.

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