Still in shock

Poor us that took the stomatology exam today. After the first girl finished her presentation, the examinor asked a few questions and she replied... which sounded alright to me. I was thinking, maybe a (grade) 4. Then... I wasn't sure of what I heard until I heard it again. "You know nothing, you have to re-take the exam". What?

The student after her, the same. Answers not enough. Dear examinor can you tell me the answer? "No, you should know it". "The answer is in the material". "It was said during the lecture"... The examinor whispers to the secretary and they are giggling together and shaking their heads. "You don't know anything".

I'm no specialist in stomatology but there was nothing wrong with their knowledge with regard to the course material.

My heart was literally in my throat but I put on all the confidence that I had and didn't, and made it a brick wall. That's how it felt. Sure I've had bad exams before but never did I feel like a fking king for earning a "pass". She couldn't fail me. Hah. Lastly she looked through my gradebook and laughed at my other grades? Told the secretary like "somehow she has 3's and 4's in here, a 2 is her rightful grade". Yes go ahead and add your 2 but the rest are 5's and 4's, frankly laughing at me doesn't change that.

Felt like I was David Copperfield or Oliver Twist, being interrogated by some sadist psychopath psychobitch with her sidekick smiling and nodding beside her.

Feeling very sorry for the dentistry students that deal with this department every year.

I could try to improve my grade but I bought a flight ticket home and won't risk getting screwed over again. Had myself a "victory" lemonade on the way home.


  1. Who was this teacher? Alberth Márta? :D

    1. Ohh I don't remember the name anymore, but I googled and this is not her, it was a blonde woman with super blue eyes and shoulder length hair, btwn 45 - 55 years old. This came to be my worst exam experience in the entire medschool!! xD


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