Late latte

The past two months I think I've been sick/had a cold three times now. It's very unusual for me but I guess I've taken on too many things to do. Irregular sleep and more stress than usual. So yesterday I caugt a cold again, or the old one flared up, with some super-sneezing and kitchen-tap-kind-of-nose-running. I've been curing myself with sleep and yummy chicken soup... Tonight feeling much much better already. Sleep and rest is soooo important to the immune system and I should really prioritize it more, rather than being this multi-functional person which seemingly works, until I get another cold. So think about that if you are a person who gets frequent colds... maybe you are being too stressed...

So no workout today, but prepared an ELISA-plate at the lab and will be performing the rest tomorrow. I'm up for some pharmacology studies at this moment - very cosy with rain and thunder outside my window here... but going to bed on time. I need it :)

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