I think too much and lazy people annoy me

Decided to move my slogan to the "about" section, just to not scare people off. Just kidding. Now I don't really know what to put up there though? ANYWAYS.

Pharmacology went well. I got a 4 which I think was fair. Today I improved my grade in radiology and got a 5, but checked my grades online and the secretary entered a 4 for radiology too... so I have to go and talk to them tomorrow...

Speaking of tomorrow, I went to bed three hours ago - so tired I could barely keep my eyes open. But did I fall asleep? Of course not. Developed some hypertensive crisis instead and literally saw alpha receptors in the bottom of my closed eyes (if anyone is wondering they look like the letter "A"). Yes kids, I'm that damaged from pharm.

Happy, sleep deprived and malnourished. Couldn't fall asleep last night either and only managed to get some two hours which turned out as such: 50 kg's of squats felt challenging at the gym. Contrast that to the 65 that felt relatively easy only last week! Kids, make sure to get your sleep.

Want to hear another true story? I opened the bottle of wine that our landlord gave Dennis for his birthday. Sitting in my bed, typing this and chugging red wine. I'm that desperate to relax. And I think it's working... Alpha receptors...

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