Did three reps of squats at 65 kgs yesterday, yay me. That was my first workout for six days... six!! Oh dear. At least my cold is gone...

Went for some errands today and the weather was sooo nice. 21 degrees, some sun, a little bit of rain and nice cool wind. Almost felt like Sweden ;D hopefully I'll be finished with exams within three weeks and be on my way home. I miss the countryside so, so much.

Wore my DIY-shorts made out of old jeans, these are my favourite but almost falling apart by now huhu.


  1. Hi! Would you mind telling me what size top and bottom did you get in sheridyn swimwear quad set? We are about the same size and I can't decide what size to take :) thank you x

  2. Hi Lucy, I got XS in the top and S in the bottom. If you are taller than me (172 cm) or have a larger bust (75A) I can recommend a S top cus it's pretty tight. Not uncomfortable though, but FYI.The bottoms stretch a bit in the water so I don't recommend going up a size :) for a reference I usually wear size S for both tops and bottoms. Hope you like the set xxx


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