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Ah-ha. If you did not know already, and want to know, or if you are just following my text like a poor little victim...

The infinite quest and my self honest analysis - Yes, me too, I want visible abs. But then, what is my effort...?

I work on my abs at the beginning or end of a workout, for about 10 minutes. Little, compared to how much time I spend on other muscle groups. As for food, I have never eaten any dietary supplements whatsoever and never been on a diet. I eat anything that I like whenever I want to... Thus, my fitness progress is rather slow, utterly natural. There are many opinions out there but I think this is what is truly sustainable... if you want to stay fit and live a long and healthy life... I don't think pushing extremely hard and consuming an excess (of for instance protein) is the long-term solution... but more about that another time...

If you think that I take a lot of selfies, you have no idea... but below is a nice consequence. In 2012 I worked out about 2 times a week, in June 2013 3 - 4 times a week, versus 5 - 6 in November 2014.

I swear, the last week of November was my fitness peak. An entire semester of 5 - 6 workouts a week, then suddenly three exams in three days and I immediately lost some fat. Everyone mentioned hey, you have abs, and I loved it but it didn't last long as I started to lose muscle tissue due to more exams. These times is my worst enemy because the stress makes me burn fat and muscles, and I don't have quite as much time for exercise. I always lose weight...

And today - after some at-home Muay Thai tonight. (exercising 3 - 4 times a week for the past two months)

Do I have any advice, yes, but honestly I don't know of a magic recipe. I know what I do to look like I do... I workout because I love myself and eat whatever I want for the same reason. I choose my type of exercise according to what I feel like for the moment.

Give yourself the time to buy real, fresh groceries and cook proper food at home, but don't feel sorry for ordering a pizza when you long for it or if you're simply too stressed to cook. Exercise as often as you wish, more if you want to improve, as long as it makes you happy. Don't regret gained or lost weight... the body is dynamic, as is your life... always do your best to take care of yourself and your self respect will be reflected by your body. If there's anything that you should avoid I think it is alcohol... once in a while is okay, but it's literally a poison and contains a lot of energy... there's a reason to why you can run a vehicle on alcohol. Personally I have noticed that I store fat almost immediately from consumption of alcohol...

My current "ab-routine", at home or at the gym: pick 5 - 10 exercises and execute in a row, no rest in-between. Perform each exercise for for instance 20 reps and move on to the next one. Stretch at the end.
I also do 4 - 5 sets of "toes to bar" at the gym, at least once a week.

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