Phonie things

Excuse me but isn't this some... absolute high-def ultra pro picture resolution. I'm enjoying it very much myself... borrowing Dennis phone. Actually, I think I did not tell you... that I haven't had my iPhone for a couple of months. Long story short, it has passed away.

My current phone is the kind of phone that has four wallpapers, and I am free to choose according to my preference.

A rare beauty. I have greatly appreciated the time I've had with my little Samsung, being completely unable to kill time on it. I know what you are thinking, but I already changed the wallpaper... three times... so all those moments when you are waiting, say standing in line for coffee... Maria has not been on her phone. Instead, contemplating or appreciating something.

I can honestly claim that this phone made me a better human being. Seeing people kill time on their smartphone makes me depressed! Life is passing by and they are stuck in that screen...

Still, I can't help but being happy that a Samsung Galaxy Alpha is waiting for me, patiently, back home in Sweden.

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