Self evaluation, 2014

Read last year's evaluation here.

Exercise: Averaged 5 workouts per week. Really happy with this and I can see a difference to my physique. Did more cardio than last year, a lot of running especially during the warmer months, and started Muay Thai! I have learned some about body control and fight science... knew seriously nothing about kicking someone's ass before. By now I've already used my skills in my dreams... haha. Dennis asked me today to show him how I used to punch before, but I can't even remember how bad that was. My resting pulse was as low as 46 beats per minute this summer, compared to 60 last year.

June versus October, for instance:
Studies: Had a shaky final exam in pathology last semester and got a 2, which together with many 4's brought my grade average to 3,76, but I think this semester will be much better :) lately I'm quite happy with my performance academically. Also, a big thing to me is that I have started lab training at the department of Immunology, to be able to assist in research. I'm super happy about this opportunity. Also my supervisor is great.

Places visited: Huh? Barely! Went to Budapest three times, and to Tokaj once, but I think that is it!? I would really like to go to Thailand or Vietnam but as for now I can't see it happening hehe.

Romance: Where's the baby!? Love you Dennis.

Friendship: Socially I've been really happy. Got closer to many this year and a couple of new aquaintances turned out to become good friends. Haven't had a lot of contact with my friends in Sweden while being in Hungary, but from my side most of us are still best friends.

Parties: Never too many, had a lot of fun this year :D

Make up: Brown, beige. All about nudes, or simply nothing. Sometimes a coloured lipstick. Using Clinique, Lancome and MAC.

Fashion: One word: lazy. Wearing tight fitting clothes because they look good without effort. Foremost I never want to iron anything... This + spending time at the hospital = confused in general. Online shopping addict? It's not that bad, but I should save money and wear what I already own.

Bad habits: I'm so bad. I still touch my skin when I'm stressed! Going to look like 40 when I'm 30 if this doesn't stop immediately... Also I pluck my ends (hair) when I'm bored. But I think I got better at that because my hair has grown out pretty long.

Food/drinks: Hi, I'm a heavy milk consumer. I have been trying to cut down with a couple of liters per week and replace it with juice or water... juice has a lot of sugars on one hand, but at least it's lipid free... What more? I'm cooking a lot. Really a lot. I documented most of it and will make a collage for your appreciation ;P for now, today's salad:

Literature: Pfff! Didn't read a single novel, honestly. What the hell. At least I read a lot of scientific publications outside of the "standard" study material.

- Keep up my study discipline that I've had lately, and study more on an everyday basis, not only on weekends.
- Make my gym sessions more planned and effective, so that some of them can be replaced with cardio such as running, swimming or Muay Thai. There's nothing better that I can give to my body than regular cardiac training. I'm also ready to push harder at the gym.
- Consume more HDL lipids, and less diary products. Since I'm allergic to fish I have to be more strict with consuming vegetable oil, spoon wise... as you see my medical studies have been wiping the floor with me.
- Keep my fingers away from my skin!!
- I want to grow my hair another 10 - 15 cm longer :D
- Learn how to relax so that stress will not affect me as much, so that I can go to sleep at proper hours.
- Be more tidy and prevent the apartment from looking like a warzone from time to time.

Best days of 2014, summer with my family at the Swedish countryside:

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