Went swimming with Anitha last night, so niice. I always forget to count the distance at some point, but the laps that I did count added up to 2km, so at least I swam that hehe.

We walked home, the air was nice and fresh... but some guy that tried to talk to us after the training waited for us by the entrance until we left and started following us... he kept up with our speed even when we ran/jogged... we finally lost him when we got to the university area. Really unpleasant and we're probably not walking home next time, unfortunately.

The swimsuit! Is my Xmas gift from Dennis. He wanted me to pick my gift... so I got this from Sheridyn Swim. "QUAD black" for anyone interested. It was perfect for training and passed the diving test haha. Actually haven't gotten a new sport's suit since I was 14. My old one is from Lane4 and... lasting 8 years, I have to say is some durable swimsuit. High quality, high five.

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