Bus-y :)

So the obstetrics & gynaecology pre-final takes place tomorrow afternoon, good luck to us!

I've been sleep deprived the past month which isn't the nicest feeling, but somehow makes me work harder? Or maybe I don't really have a choice here and simply have to work harder to keep up? By the way my tutor for cardiology is great. Also life is great. It's so weird how someone can be depressed when there are so many beautiful things in life... is how I feel. I'm not depression resistant, I also have a day now and then, but in retrospect I simply can't grasp it. Especially people that really have everything in their life... how are you doing that?

So tomorrow exam, then feed and clean my cell culture (made my first one this Tuesday!), home and take a nap, or go to gym, and get ready for the 4th year ball which takes place in the evening. Dennis doesn't want to go so I'm going with Vanessa, Maria V. and a few more kids.

Photos from Viola's birthday dinner last Saturday!

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