Antique love poem

I know I said this before, like at least three times; I love reading my old blog. I was looking for photos of the time when I felt chubby (actually was a little chubby - suddently started drinking alcohol which disrupted my metabolic balance) but I barely took photos of myself at that time so I was not too successful in my mission...

However during this visit of my blog, I found a poem that I had written in October 2010. It's about Dennis, basically. Actually a lot of my old posts are secretely about Dennis, and I love re-discovering my sneakiness at that time... when I wasn't sure if he liked me as much as I liked him... back then we we're not a couple officially. "At all".

Som bäst det mår man mest,
om man sova gott och äta gott,
om pulsen lättsamt leker,
om man dyra händer smeker.
Jag sova kanske timmar få,
men hjärtat slå
och i hjärtat stå
att jag mår mest bäst ändå.

You feel great, when you sleep well and eat good food, when your pulse is heedlessly playing, and you may hold the hands of a precious one. (...) My sleeping hours may be few, but the heart is beating, and in the heart it says, that I'm mostly great anyways.

I swear the poem is much cuter in Swedish. But I have to share at least some of the meaning you know...
Here's an "unseen" photo of us in Malta this summer... haha. Dennis hates the photo but I look nice so... ;P

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