CITRUS LOVE. And love.

CITRUS LOVE. Ooomg... how could I forget that oranges are this amazing? I feel like I'm addicted to oranges and clementins now. PLEASE go buy a couple of oranges, you will be thankful that I encouraged you.

I know that it's Friday but I don't feel like going out tonight. Actually I feel like it a little bit... but right now I feel even more like staying at home, cooking or baking something and have an efficient study session. Then watch a movie with Dennis.

The semester is ending soon and if we don't finish this right, it's going to be nasty. Starting to feel the pressure here... but no stress yet.

Still coughing some, but I'm very well thank you. I've been to the gym twice this week and today I've been seriously considering swimming for tomorrow "morning". Feel like pumping my pulse a bit extra!

Me and Eleni at the LSB library:

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