Want to work out!!

A jobless day! And great weather too. My sister was over with her kids here at the summer place which was a lot of fun.

Hmm I want to get in shape. I know that I'm in good shape, but I'm talking about some serious business good shape... and I when I get there (two months of summer vacation will probably offer a good start) I want to keep it throughout Med. school! And for the rest of my life for that matter. If my boyfriend manages to find time for exercise every day and still achieves perfect grades in school then I can do so too...

I enjoy working out. But you know how some people love the burn when they push really hard... I'm not one of those people. I withstand the burn and love how I feel afterwards, and the physical results of course. I think this is why I've never been interested enough in becoming really good at swimming for instance... because to build such a stamina requires a lot of pain... and I've never enjoyed these moments... In my head I'm all "IT'S JUST TEMPORARY MARIA GOGO IT'S GOOD FOR YOU".

Where am I right now? I work out on average twice a week, during school too. Which is about the minimum requirement to be in decent shape. I don't really bother with diet and I drink alcohol on occasion.

Anywayyys wanna know something stupid?
My new Adidas sneakers motivate me crazy much. Hahah oh but I just have to show you later they're too gorgeous...

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