Alright... I don't have a working computer of my own anymore. I'm at my father's...
What happened since my last post:
I just got home from "work". I'm doing the nursing practice for a month now at the hospital in my hometown. I may say that it is not a sit-down job! My feet are sore after just two days of work, lol. The nurses are really pleasant and proficient.
Last week I visited my friend in Poland. She's in Med. School too at The University of Gdánsk. We had drinks cappuchino gossip and shopping! But not much luck with the weather hahah rain was pouring down 24/7...
When I got home I had a get-together at my summer place with my High School friends!

Lastly I've bought a six day trip to Paris with my family. PARIS!! I've been wanting to go there so badly... for a year. Hehe. Really only since I opened The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Can't wait!!

Pictures coming up. #1 and #2 from Poland, the rest were taken at my summer place.

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