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Five (random) things you probably didn't know, about me...

1. When I need to call someone on their home phone I always repeat in my head the presentation "Hi, it's Maria is (friend) at home?". It sounds something like  hiitsmariaisdennisathomehiitsmariaisdennisathome... in case their parents would answer, so that I know what to say... Only because once when I was seven or eight I presented myself as my friend and was looking for Maria.

2. I like to escort insects out alive if I find them inside my house. But if there is too much at risk and if I have to kill the insect... I sincerely apologize to it. I also do this when I (for instance) pick a flower or if I catch a fish.

3. I walk around naked at home at any time of the day. I just don't mind. I don't lock the door when I shower in case someone needs to brush their teeth. I'm much comfortable with my nakedness amongst family or close friends... but don't take what you read too far, it's not like I'd walk around naked with guests in the house. However, among people close to me, if I hide while changing clothes (or whatever) it is for the sake of comfort of my company and not me.

4. I don't believe in super natural powers, superstition or spirits or a god or anything like such... but I do make a wish whenever I see a falling star. Quaintly, but those few cute things that I've wished for have come true and even if it doesn't prove or mean anything it is still silly enough to make me slightly confounded.

5. When I was 16 I was almost sleeping on the train when I realized it was probably my station and time to get off, so I ran to the door. No one else was getting off with me and I had to open the old door by my self which took a long time... also I opened the wrong door at first which made me anxious. Finally I came out on the platform. But it was so dark outside (Swedish winter) that I didn't recognize my station and I figured I went off too soon. I manged to jump back on the train just as it started rolling. A staff girl asked if I went off at the wrong station and I said "wow haha I thought this was Flen" but she responded in a weird tone "... this is Flen?" so I made a quick glace behind me to judge the speed (bicycle) and jumped off. Backwards. In high heels... Eventually I landed on my butt. Thought only afterwards of what I did... would not repeat.

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