Hah. I feel lonely. Bored and emotional. I never want to live alone!! I'm a true blood type 0 on this one.

Don't know what I'm going to do tomorrow because there will be a national holiday for two days now so everything will be closed and I'm already bored. Maybe I'll just melt away out of boredom. I really want to go swimming but most likely none of the public pools will be open so... I'm probably just gonna sit and read a book on the balcony.

I'm not studying right now, my plan is to start studying half way through the coming week and take my first final exam the 29:th (written neuroanatomy) aaaand yeah. Talk to you guys later.

Picture from yesterday after me and some friends saw The Great Gatsby (loved it!!)


  1. Hellu Maria,

    How do you plan on studying the finals in the exam period (please mention any notes, books, etc that you will be using for each subject) I am so so so lost on where to start studying

    gl <3

  2. Hellu I'm preparing for the neuroanatomy written atm using the heins and the pages in it that were given by the departement. You find them under "thematic" where they list the lectures. I'm also going to go through the Melissa notes again.

    For biochem I'm going to stick to the lecture slides because I think (!?) it will be enough to use those + internet search on tricky concepts or pathways.

    For physio Ill do lecture slides, some yarle (especially the parts with all those graphs that they may ask us to draw in the oral) and Im planning to read more complicated parts of the physio in Gyuton too. Thats basically it I think :)

  3. Oh and thanks and good luck to you too :D

  4. Thank you and gl


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