Got kicked out

In euphoria of having picked a gorgeous topic (posterior compartment of the leg) and having been able to mask the sound of my ringtone screaming out from my jeans pocket (during the preparation time) - I whispered to my friend, "It's crazy, my phone is apparently still on and it rang!!?". Suddenly this moody "Zoly" examinor, which wasn't even my examinor, comes to say that he saw me whispering and that he's kicking me out, and my friend too, because "it is impossible to prove whether we were cheating or not".

I know I was not supposed to whisper, but what the hell? People are chitchatting across the room... and funny thing is I did say the word tibial nerve earlier during preparation, but "got busted" only while wandering around and waiting for my turn to take the exam... a moment later there was no longer an opportunity to do so.

I went back to talk to him, and my friend went to his office, and we went to the head of the department - but for no use. No one questions this intimidating guy's decisions and "no one can do anything" even though there are cameras in the examination room recording everything. This is so stupid and it is my fault that my friend was not allowed to take the exam today...

We studied hard for this exam and the final won't probably be a problem... but I'm very, very, very regretful, clumsy and sorry =(

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