Semesteeer! Easter! I'm at home for a few days, tomorrow me and mom are going to Moscow. Haven't been there for six years!! Such a shame, but at last. It's going to be quite cold apparently, around zero degrees. By now (after six months of winter) I suppose zero degrees is going to feel warm-ish. We had absolutely lovely weather today though, I ran hill-intervals for 30 minutes and did a few exercises. Privet was my spectator.

By the way, I gained almost three kilos?? Since January. That's a LOT for me, I only weighed over 60 kilos once before, in high school when I was "fat" from high alcohol consumption heh heh. I've been pushing harder at the gym ever since I realised that I'm not going to be a lazy gymmer no more, which clearly works. I can do pistol squats now hehee... but I probably gained some fat too :)

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