new since last year

Exercise: almost perfectly kept an "every 2nd day" schedule with exercise and rest every second day. Several new leg exercises with weights after having worked mostly on my knee before (after the ACL reconstruction 2,5 years back) and the weight training has been a miracle for my knee! I'm so happy :)

Studies: My grade average was 3,78 last semester and will probably be around 4 this semester. I completed everything and I'm OK-satisfied with my studies, but not more than so. Want to improve.

Places visited: Romania (Oradea), Italy (Rome, Pompeii) Malta (Valletta + various) and Budapest, in consecutive order. Yay :)

Romance: Happier and more in love than ever!

Friendship: A handful of new friendships in Debrecen that I really appreciate, but not as much contact kept as I would have liked, with my best friends in Sweden :(

Parties: I had fun this year :)

Make up: Foundation. It's true!! In December a pimple tried to appear on the middle of my nose, it was the day before a party, hell no, so I put strong toothpaste on it over the night. It's a trick that works in my opinion! The morning after I washed the toothpaste off, pimple none - but my nose was stained in green. The toothpaste was green... I had a greenish-blue nose tip for almost four days. That was it. I bought a light cover foundation from Clinique and have been using it spot wise since that day. Also got my first (and second, and third and fourth) lipstick from MAC :D Vegas volt, Ruby woo, Angel and Snob. Haha, you can see the order taken of the photos by the decerased tan of my skin!!

Fashion: Less effort than ever in my life. Especially this semester, I have refused to wear nice clothes on days that we have had autopsy, surgery practice or internal medicine. Many days were just tights, don't-care shoes and some tight top 100% cotton. That makes it two days a week where I have room to dress nice so...

Bad habits: I still touch/scratch my skin the last days before an exam, when I study. I hate this. I mostly don't think about it, but sometimes I realise it yet I'm too stressed to care. :/

Food/drinks: Sweetie, it's a citrus fruit from Israel. My god! It's only avaliable in the winter season, try it now! It's a juicy mix between grape fruit and pomelo. Also 2013 was revolutionary in a way since I got a blender in which I have made smoothies and ice coffee at home :D

Literature: Only read two novels in the series about Djingis Khanh and the first part in the 50 Shades series. The latter was so shitty that I will never buy the remaining volumes... seriously, why do so many love those pornographic novels?

- Start studying for exams earlier, for instance preparing for the pathology final already from the 1st week of next semester.
- Work out at least as much as I did last year, but also have a small home-session on my non-workout days. It's not good to sit still an entire day. And gain more muslces!
- Eat more, especially protein (I don't eat enough to build muscles) (I don't want to drink protein shakes).
- Stop touching my skin when I'm stressed :(
- Go to spa sometimes. It's so cheap here in Hungary hello!?
- Look for a job over the summer.
- Go to bed earlier and be more well rested overall! Haha I always say this I know...

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